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Pokemon + Magicka + Base Defense = Arcane Engine

2012-04-27 18:53:14 by ScottProductions2002

Hey Newgrounds, I'm developing a small scale game with a big idea. Basically, it takes the internal encyclopedia and strengths/weaknesses of Pokemon and combines it with the elemental creation of Magicka to create a really unique defense-based game.

Take a look at the KickStarter if the idea piqued your interest at all. Aside from that, I thank you for taking the time to read this brief post :) I appreciate any and all help I can get, thank you!

Arcane Engine @ Kickstarter


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2012-04-27 21:16:24

Combining elements to do stuff is a sweet mechanic. Have you ever played Doodle God?
$5000 is a really modest goal considering the whole Kickstarter bubble right now. Is it a web game though? If it's a web game I don't know why you don't just make it n take it to FGL. Games on there sell for five grand all the time, right?

I was gonna suggest you make a prototype and turn it into a sweet trailer to open your video on, but then I got to the end and OK yeah, you don't have artists.

How many elements are there? When you say "base defense" is that like there's a cannon on the left side of the screen and a tonne o tiny dudes on the right, running at it?
What kind of world is this in? Is it like olde fantasy Kingdom Rush stuff? Is the art style all chunky and fun like that, or is it something more hard and dangerous?
What are you actually fighting against in this game?


2012-04-27 22:53:58



2012-04-28 00:11:31

Wish to make a commercial game and make money? Why not find some investors who are willling to back you, instead of shaking people down for free money. Why should people donate cash to something you intend to profit from, they should get a share of the project and potential profits. Sell part of the potential project like a good capitalist.


2012-04-28 08:38:03

hey i saw your dota animation, i found it great, you should do more of it...also do you still playing dota? what is your favorite heroes?


2012-04-28 13:59:32

My first thought:

My second thought (after reading the kickstarter page and looking though your submissions):
You didn't, per chance, stumble upon a Warcraft III custom map called "Element TD" ? Because that's basically the very identic idea.


2012-04-28 17:52:02

I was pretty interested in helping just for the hell of it, if you'd reply or something.


2015-07-06 16:03:22

God this Is old. Sorry it didn't work out it seems like cool idea.