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[Slayer I]: Dark Knight, The Torture Chamber III, and

2008-04-18 21:17:29 by ScottProductions2002

Hi there,

I'll start off with apologizing for The Torture Chamber III being late, but I have a good reason. I've been working on my newest project, Slayer, and I find it to be of better quality than The Torture Chamber III, so I've concentrated most of my work into it.

Slayer is going to be probably the greatest game I've ever made, so I'm pretty stoked about it. You can play the open alpha at and post bugs/comments/suggestions, etc.

As for The Torture Chamber, look for it no later than May 5th.


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2008-04-18 22:32:11

Too bad torture chamber is delayed, but i hope slayer will be cool


2008-04-19 00:31:26

looks like it might be good. can't quite tell this early on. for immediate suggestions, I'd say assign rolling to S and use W to jump. use Q and E to scroll through spells and abilities and stuff. timed attacks can be performed with F (by the way, I can't make those work for some reason).


2008-04-19 02:05:27

when jumping and attacking, if you hit E for the special while in the air sometimes the player ends up skywalking at about head level to the bad guy. This leaves the good guy mostly immune to the bad guy's attacks and causes the camera to zoom in to extreme closeup range and the game to slow down considerably. other than that bug, i agree with having W for jump and maybe make space the special attack button.
looks good, hopefully by the time we come across that enemy in the full game we'll be able to kill him o.O

*marks May 5th on the calendar*


2008-04-19 09:11:01

well its good but there are glitches though you dont ever die enemy doesnt die and the enemy is obviously overpowered with all that health and all! if you ever make those things enemies we dont stand a chance but it would be a good choice for a Last Boss Battle you need to improve attacks and the sword sharpen skill should obviously sharpen the sword enemy uses the absorb shield too much you should give it a mana bar though it takes advantage with its humongous attacks and strong defence